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Microscopic World: The World You Don't See

It's on your skin! It's in your nose! It's on your dog! It's as strange as you could ever imagine.


Do you know there are millions of these guys living in your carpets and sheets and pillowcases? (In mine, too!) They're called dust mites.

See that mess around the dust mite? It's mostly skin flakes! Skin flakes are always falling off anything that has a skin. Skin flakes are pizza for dust mites! And they never have to order out!


Look at the right-hand side of the picture.  See the long, thin piece? It's a fiber from clothing. Can you find the grain of pollen from a flower? (Run your cursor over the picture.)

The dust mite is just one of the incredible creatures that lives in a parallel universe that's all around us. It's a world that's too small for us to see with just our eyes.  We need a microscope. Want to know who made the picture of the dust mite? Click here.

To find out how microscopes work, click next!

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