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Do you have an idea for making a robot like Thudd? 

What would your robot look like? 
What would you use to make your robot? 
What would you name your robot? 

SHNOOOORP!   SHNOOOOOORP!!Is there an invention you would like to make?   

What would it do? 
How would you make it? 
What would you call it? 
Would you plug it in?  Would it use batteries? 
Maybe it could use solar energy.
Or maybe it uses something new - something no one has ever used before!  

Oranges? Sneakers?                             Starlight?

Or maybe you have a joke or a riddle that you make up yourself.  That's an invention, too! 

If you have a robot, an invention, a joke, or a riddle, send them in!  You may find yours posted on the AndrewLost web site!

Here's where you can send your inventions:  

J. C. Greenburg
P. O. Box 410
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY  10706

You can also write and tell me what you think about the Andrew Lost books or this web site!

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