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Dog is real Harley!
Skin!  Skin!  Skin! 

It keeps the outside out! 

It keeps your insides in!

Skin does other interesting things, too.


Helps protect me from the sun!!Human skin sweats and breathes and feels things!  It keeps bad things out.  Run your cursor over the picture to see one more thing that it does.

NOSE AND FEET!  WOOF!  A dog's skin does a lot of things that human skin does.  But dogs don't sweat, except for five places.  Do you know what they are?  Move  your cursor over this basset hound to find out.


I CAN CHANGE MY SKIN COLOR!A frog's skin doesn't sweat either.  But it does make mucus and poison! 


Mammals get most of they oxygen they need by breathing.  They get get just a little oxygen through their skins.  But frogs can get a lot more oxygen through their skin than mammals can.  Can you think of why that would be a good idea for frogs? 


Find out something else about frog skin by touching the frog with your cursor!


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