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Bless oo!

Because Judy sneezed, Andrew, Judy, and Thudd got shrunk smaller than a bread crumb in LOST ON THE DOG!

Do cats make you sneeze?

Do dogs make you snuffle?

Do flowers make you snort?

Do some leaves make you itch?

Does some food make you feel yucky?


You have allergies!  It's okay!  Most people are allergic to something. 

But here's the surprise -- it's not the dogs and the flowers and the food that create the sneeziness, the itchiness, and the yuckiness.   It's your own body!  It's just trying to protect you!  But it's trying too hard -- and making mistakes.

Click here to see how your body protects you -- and how it can make mistakes.

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Black and white drawings from the Andrew Lost series Debbie Palen.