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Hello, Teachers!

Writing Andrew Lost is more fun than a science writer should be allowed to have!   I hope you and your children share in the fun and find, as Andrew does, the adventure, humor, and science that are all around us! 

Find out what happens in the Andrew Lost series!
Read the first chapter of Andrew Lost on the Dog and other Andrew Adventures.

Random House and I have been creating materials that will make your science teaching experience fun, easy, and packed with real learning. 

Experiments These have been used successfully by teachers in their classrooms. You can, of course, modify the experiments to match your students' age level and learning needs.
Handouts for students.  These will be provided  in PDF format for easy printing.
Resources Books and websites that might interest you if you're teaching a topic in more detail, or if you're encouraging students pursue a question in more depth. 

For ease of use, resources will be indexed by topic and type of resource.

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We'll add new topics and new materials frequently, so visit often!

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