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I got skeleton on outside, too!
Yikes!  My Skeleton is Outside My Body!


RHINOCEROS BEETLE  (Guess why!)   TARANTULA SPIDER  Yes!  There's a skeleton under that hair!

All these guys wear their skeletons on the outside!
Touch them with your cursor!

Crabs, lobsters, spiders, centipedes, and insects belong to a group of animals called arthropods. (Say: R-throw-pods.)  On this page, we'll take a look at insects.


It's a good thing insects can't vote!

If they could, they would rule the Earth!  There are a lot more insects than people!   If all the insects in the world were divided up, and you got your share, guess how many you would get.   200 million!

1.  20
2.  200
3.  2,000
4.  2 million
5.  200 million              

Touch Thudd with your cursor to find the answer.

Humans are definitely outnumbered!


For every pound of humans, there are 300 pounds of insects! So if you weigh 50 pounds, your share of insects weighs 15,000 pounds! That's as much as 7 cars!   How much do you weigh in insects?

How would your life would be different if you were an insect?  Click here!

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